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Monday, May 7, 2012

Iggy love

Just an assortment of random photos of Imogen from the past two months.

Dilly Love

Just a random assortment of photos of Cordelia from the past two months. 

First "hike" of the season

Our little, city girls got their first taste of life in the Sierras when we decided to take a little nature walk.  Imogen wasn't too sure of it until she discovered the "baby," "momma" and "daddy" pinecones, perfected the art of jumping from one big boulder to the other, and peed on the mountain.  It was a great little afternoon to get outside.  Here's to many more weekends like this one. 

Dilly's 12 mo. Capitol Photo Shoot (two months early)

To try to honor our little tradition, we decided to take a few pictures of our Little Dilly-Dactyl in front of the Capitol before we officially moved our our 12 month picture project would not be completed.  So, like we did with Imogen, we took a few pictures of Cordelia in front of the Capitol to commemorate her 1 year old bday (even if it was a month or two early).  Happy Birthday, Cordelia.  We love you!